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We differentiate ourselves through innovation, customer-centricity, transparency, and a highly skilled team in the Cybersecurity industry.

Our Story

Unified cyber defense nation, forming an impenetrable barrier from the ocean to the Gulf.

About Us

In 2023, two cyber security experts set out on a journey to establish Radma. The founders had served the government, public, and private sectors in Netherlands and UAE for the last 20 years, and they made the decision to make high-quality cybersecurity available for the most vulnerable organizations.
Founders have many years of experience in defending from cybercrime, conducting compromise assessments, and protecting national security. Radma is the first Arab cybersecurity company to offer an all-in-one package for cyber defense security.


Our mission is to empower the cyber security society with an exceptionally optimized Active Cyber Defense Center, standing as their unwavering and trusted partner in the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats. Through relentless dedication, we are committed to safeguarding every organization across North Africa and the Middle East, from the vast ocean to the Gulf, ensuring their cyber protection remains impenetrable.


Our vision is to stand at the forefront of cyber security intelligence, utilizing cutting-edge threat prevention services to safeguard leading organizations in the MENA region. As a value-added contributor to the cyber security community within the UAE and Middle East society, we strive to foster a safer digital environment for all. We aim to be the employer of choice, nurturing and empowering our current and future cyber security consultants, and fostering a team of passionate experts dedicated to protecting our clients from emerging cyber threats.

Our Founder Experience

Cyber Security Developer with strategic and tactical experience has more than 21 years as an industry-recognized expert in Cyber security, Cloud security, and Cyber Framework for the last dedicate. Pivotal in building capabilities in Managed detection and response services since 2014 for household names across multiple sectors and startups”, “Being the trusted advisor to provides our clients with cyber security guidance and continues to work with clients on optimizing their cyber technology strategy”, and “Co-founder who established and development previous startups in a cyber security defense like Malcrove, Threcon
Cyber Security Service Delivery Manager has more than 13 years of experience in the Information Security/Cyber Security field in the government and private sector, Utilities, and industrial organizations. and has been responsible for directing cyber security teams and implementing Cyber Defense Center for the last 7 years.”, and “Being the trusted advisor to CIO-level executives by acting as vCISO for all aspects of cyber risk management, strategy, planning, and cyber operations.”, and “Responsible for establishing and implementing a cyber security defense center and security operation center.

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